7 December 1942 
From Paul Williams,
129 Lawson St., Hamilton, NSW

Dear Brigadier,

Some delay since my last letter but I have been waiting for some definite news of the future following removal of the plaster from my leg.

Mrs Smith has passed on all your messages and after the last one referring to the chilly temperature I started a few enquiries. I managed to contact A. A. Brackpool, ex 55 and now a Brig temporarily minus a Bde. He has a ..ng? show and said he thought he could use me. Anyway, after various telephone conversations and visits to Barracks I was promised the job providing the medical board would OK me as fit to do it.

[I] Was boarded on Friday last and given to understand the classifiction would be sufficient to permit me carrying on administrative or clerical job. Brack says that will be OK.

The foot is still a long way from 100% but I can get about pretty well provided I take my time and don't have to be too long on the pins at a time. Expect to get the result of the board in a day or so and then with luck at work next week. 

I am very pleased I have secured a job of sorts as one can be too long out of things. Everyone forgets, besides one's missing all the opportunities. By getting back now while I still have to take things steady I can get myself back in the picture. There must have been lots of changes since last July and more to come, so this looks a good opportunity to get going. ...

Incidentally I think you will
be pleased at one remark he made. In the course of our talk in telling me just what the job was and what he wanted he remarked that the system of training as laid down in the 14 Bde was what he was working on [what he was using himself] and as I knew it [the system] he would be very happy to have me out there with him. I thought that was a very nice tribute to you and [I] made a mental note to pass it on to when writing.

Col. Hague (A and Q) is down here. Remember him from Newcastle? ... Maj. Taylor ex 3 has a job at GDD, and Col. Paul is to become a Sig. again. Don't know if he is pleased but should imagine so. That was his old love. Also, had lunch with Woodger. He is well on the way but has a mess of a knuckle. [He] Expects further operations on it shortly.

Met MacDonald in the Metropole some weeks ago. He saw the colour patch and came across and introduced himself. On first impressions I don't like the bugger. Too superior a type altogether! However, he was able to give me some late news for which I was thankful.

From your wife and Mrs Marchant I have gathered that the mucking about still continues. My hat, you must be getting fed up. However I hope the darn thing shows signs of sorting itself and you are getting somewhere at last.

Definite news of "Werriwa" [is] still hard to get but it seems they are still in it and doing a thundering good job. That must nark the wise men from the East.

The [womens'] auxiliary is doing a splendid job, but I suppose Mrs Smith has told you about that. I have been into the rooms a couple of times and they all seem very happy in there.

Seems nothing else to write about yet - will know more when the job starts. Everything is "Austerity" here and people are beginning to realise there's a war on.

The enclosure is a small seasonal token. It will probably  be useful and I know you like the particular type.

For the present sir, cheerio and good hunting. Please convey my regards and the seasons greetings to the men.
Sincerely yours,

A. Paul Williams

PS The address given is home and anything will be forwarded from there to my new home.